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The Thirsty Crow - A Moral Story For Kids

The Thirsty Crow - A Moral Story For Kids

On an extremely hot day, a crow was feeling extremely thirsty and was flying around in search of water. He was feeling exhausted and was almost about to give up hope when he noticed a pitcher in one corner of a field. Hoping to find some water in it, he went there. He was happy to see there was some water in the pitcher. But, his happiness went away quickly when he realized that the level of water was quite low and his beak wasn’t long enough to reach it. He tried again and again in various ways but found it impossible to reach the water.

He took a pause and tried to think of a way to reach the water. He looked around and saw a pile of pebbles nearby. The intelligent crow got an idea. He hopped towards the pile and picked up a pebble. He dropped the pebble into the pitcher. Then, he picked up another pebble and dropped it into the pitcher. At first, he did not notice any difference but when he had dropped a few more pebbles in the pitcher, he saw that the water level had risen. Even though he was dying of hunger, he did not give up and kept at his work.

Soon, the level of water was high enough for him to touch it with his beak. He dropped a few more pebbles into the pitcher and sipped the water to his satisfaction. He was able to quench his thirst by using his intelligence and determination.

The moral of the story is that one should not lose hope in difficult situations and should use one’s intelligence, determination, and hard work to overcome the situation.


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