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The Grapes are Sour - Moral Story for Kids

The Grapes are Sour - Moral Story for Kids

A hungry fox was searching for food everywhere in the forest. Since it was a hot day, there were no small animals for it to catch. After a few hours, it got desperate and decided to find some fruits to eat instead.

It got lucky as it found a small vineyard nearby, right on the boundary of the forest. It had plenty of grapes hanging from vines and its mouth filled with water just looking at the juicy grapes. It immediately went inside the vineyard and jumped up to catch the juiciest of bunches. But, alas! it was too high for it and it could not catch any grapes.

It tried a couple of times more but could not reach them. It looked around to see if there were any bunches that were hanging lower. But, there were none. It decided to try a little harder. It went back a few steps to create a runway, sprinted, and leapt as hard as it could. It went much closer than before but still did not reach the grapes. It tried three more times and kept increasing the runway each time to put in more effort. But, it still could not reach the grapes. It came within a couple of inches but those two inches proved impossible to cover.

Tired and panting, the fox looked up at the grapes and thought,

“It seems these grapes aren’t meant for me and something better is out there for me to find. I am sure these grapes are sour in any case.”

And, with that, it walked away.


Nothing comes easy and without hard work. If we haven’t achieved our goal, the problem is not with the goal but with our effort.


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