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The Dreaming Farmer - A Moral Story For Kids

The Dreaming Farmer - A Moral Story For Kids

There was once a farmer who used to work hard but was unable to earn enough to save any money. He would always think of ways to earn extra money but could not do anything. One day, he managed to get some extra money for his crops and he thought of using that extra money to do something new. After thinking a lot, he decided to buy a couple of hens.

He was very happy upon buying the hens and started walking towards his home with the basket containing the two hens on his head. His home was a long way away and he started thinking about what he will do with the hens. He thought,

“I will feed them well and they will lay some eggs. I will not sell those eggs and will let them hatch into chickens. Those chickens will grow into hens themselves in 4 months. Then, they will start laying eggs too and I will soon have a huge farm full of hundreds of chickens and hens. All the hens will lay hundreds of eggs everyday and I will sell those eggs in the village market and even in nearby villages. I will invest that money to buy more hens and soon I will have the largest farm in the country and I will be a very rich man in no time.”

While dreaming all that, he let go of the basket on his head and started dancing with joy. The basket fell down and broke open. By the time the farmer realized what had happened, the hens had run off into the nearby fields. He ran after them but could not catch them and soon lost sight of them.

Tired, he sat down under the shade of a tree with hands on his head and thought,

“My useless dreams took away my possible future.”

The moral to be learnt from the story is that you should not count your chickens before they hatch i.e. we should be patient for results and should not make foolish plans before seeing any results.


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