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Persuasion - by Jane Austen - A Movie Adaptation

Movie Adaptation of the novel by Jane Austen

Movie adaptation of the novel Persuasion by Jane Austen

Persuasion was the last novel completed by Jane Austen, and was published in December 1817 six months after her death along with her other novel Northanger Abbey. The novel has been the subject of several adaptations, including movies, four made-for-television adaptations, theatre productions, radio broadcasts, and various other literary works.

The story revolves around Anne Elliot, a 27 year old Englishwoman, whose family has decided to rent out their home to an Admiral and his wife in order to reduce their debt and manage their increasing expenses. Coincidentally, the wife is the sister of Captain Frederick Wentworth, who was engaged to Anne in 1806. However, upon being persuaded by her friends and family to end their relationship, Anne broke her engagement. Anne and Captain Wentworth were meeting again after a seven-year separation but both were still single and unattached. And that sets the plot for many humorous encounters that gradually lead to a second, well-considered chance at love and marriage for Anne.

The theme of the novel is clearly explained by the title "Persuasion". It dwells upon the propensity of humans to persuade and the inclination to get persuaded.

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