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About VedSam

VedSam is building India's first Rewards-based, FREE, and Open Online Learning platform to connect students, irrespective of background and level, with educational resources of all kinds for FREE or at lowest possible margins to make education accessible and affordable to masses. VedSam will provide FREE Basic and Foundational Courses to students from the disadvantaged and marginalised sections of the society to handhold them and help them gain an equal footing. We hope to improve the lives of over 250 Million students who struggle every day to catch up with others and to try and break the vicious cycle of poverty.

VedSam is being built piece by piece to create an all-inclusive platform that will provide students with access to everything related to Education like information about colleges and courses around the world, Online Courses, Skill Development programs, Scholarships, Admission Guidance, Career Counseling, books, study material, and everything else related to education.

VedSam will connect students, educational institutions, and businesses together to create a comprehensively connected ecosystem to provide easy access to Books, IT equipment, Stationery, Scholarships, Housing Assistance, Transportation Assistance, Admission Assistance, Internship assistance, Centralised Placement, Online Learning Resources, Software, Evaluation Modules, International Qualifying Exams, Innovation Labs, Research Modules, Art Nurseries, Centralized Digital Repository (of books, research papers, and study material), Centralised Procurement, Blockchain-secured Database of Educational and Employment Credentials, Trainings, Research Programs, Certifications, and a lot more.

And most importantly, all information will be available on the website without any cost to any student. It is our mission to help students with all their requirements while reducing the burden of costs from their lives and making it easier for them to find information by making everything available at one location.

Mission E - A

Everything in Education for Everyone; Affordable, Adaptable, Accessible

                    3     3

VedSam has embarked on a mission to make education easily accessible, affordable, and adaptable for students across ages and boundaries and as the first step, the company has set-up a website to provide students with access to Free and Low-cost Online Courses, Books, E-Books, and Admission Counselling.
The second step towards succeeding in our mission will be to set-up a big network of schools and colleges from across the globe, starting with those in major English-speaking countries, to create an environment of all-around growth and improvement for schools, students, and colleges.

Element 1: Online Learning Platform for Online Courses and Exams
Element 2: Online Bookstore for physical books and E-Books

Element 3: Worldwide network of Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Element 4: Partner Network of Businesses for resources like Student Housing, Travel, and Transportation

Element 5: International database with educational history, employment opportunities, and employment history


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